Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality Party

Welcome to the virtual world!

Experience a new world of gaming! The Mobile World of Games offers both the Occulus Quest VR and Playstation VR, for Virtual Reality gaming! Our Game Coach can rotate guests so everyone has a chance to get into the action. Each player gets approximately 5 minutes to play both systems, while the others game inside of our climate controlled trailer on the other 3 TVs. Watch Players play on the Oculus Quest VR on our Outside TV’s while watching them play at our Action Station.

Virtual Reality has incredible potential for interaction and immersion in games. You can be anywhere and literally in any time with Virtual Reality. What are you waiting for? get IN THE GAME TODAY! Featuring Popular Games such as Beat Saber, where you are cutting through colorful cubes to the beat of the music.


Virtual Reality Party


90 Minutes
  • 16 Players
  • Playstation VR
  • Oculus Quest VR
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